Medicine is your business.
Healthcare compliance is ours.

“Integrity is the seed for achievement. It is the principle that never fails.”
-Earl Nightingale

"Pursue excellence and success will follow."
- Rancho



Welcome to MediQuick Physician Services

MediQuick Physician Services supports the medical record coding, auditing, compliance and education needs of healthcare entities, providers, and medical personnel. We are a Texas corporation with a strong business presence both locally in the Dallas and Tarrant County areas as well as across the United States.  We are currently operating in our 23rd year of business.

Our clients enjoy a personal connection to MediQuick’s team of professionals, and we appreciate the trust that they have in our commitment to their success which is the backbone of our business — your trust.

Each client is individual with unique operations, policies, staffing, needs and budgets.  We are particularly proud that MediQuick’s mission is to embrace the specific objectives of each client, and build a bespoke service to support what matters most to them.  When you partner with MediQuick, you will enjoy a business companionship that will support, strengthen and develop your goals to better prepare you for the challenges in the future of healthcare.

We strive to be

SOUGHT… for our performance
RESPECTED… for our integrity and knowledge
TRUSTED… with your business needs

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